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An aerial view of London, looking up the River Thames from Tower Bridge

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The buildings of Parliament in London

Welcome to the second year of an exciting new program — DWC (aka “Civ”) in London! Students can apply to take their fourth semester of DWC abroad in London. They will take a DWC Colloquium specifically geared to living and learning in London and another class taught by one of the faculty co-leaders of the program.

We invite students in DWC 202: Global London to become Londoners by developing a deep and broad understanding of the city in relationship to the rest of the world. By using the city itself as its primary text, this course will examine London as a place of many contradictions: the Roman imperial outpost that later became the imperial superpower on which the sun never set; the site of superior technological and financial innovation that houses and conceals a substantial underclass;  the indomitable and resilient wartime homefront that banded together as one to oppose and withstand the attacks of fascism from without and within; and the culturally diverse and vibrant – though potentially fragmented – microcosm of its nation that exists today. Each of these topics will form a unit of our course, which will approach London from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, including history, politics, literature, drama in performance, cultural geography, the fine arts, diaspora studies, and more.

This blog allows our 2023 Civ in London students to record their experiences as they explore London and beyond. You will also find an archive of blog posts from last year’s students in Dr. Stephanie Boeninger and Dr. Margaret Manchester’s “Battlefields and Homefronts” colloquium. Enjoy!

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