Registration FAQs

  • WHEN DOES DWC REGISTRATION TAKE PLACE? DWC registration generally takes place BEFORE general registration.  Students should register for DWC then and build the rest of the schedule around it. ALT PIN is not needed for DWC registration.
  • WILL I AUTOMATICALLY BE IN THE SAME DWC CLASS? DWC schedules and professors change every semester.  Students are not automatically enrolled in DWC after their first semester.
  • WHAT IS THE COLLOQUIUM? The fourth semester of DWC is the colloquium, which works differently from the first 3 semesters (
  • WHAT ABOUT HONOR CIV? HON civ is different than regular civ and all questions/requests regarding Honors should be directed to the Honors director.
  • IF A COURSE IS FULL ON REGISTRATION, CAN I OVERENROLL? Over enrollment is not allowed in DWC courses, but a link to an over enrollment form is included on the DWC website at registration time.  In the case that there is an unavoidable conflict, students should fill that out and be sure to include a screenshot of their schedule.  Students must register for DWC on the correct registration day (unless they have a hold on their account), otherwise, they run the risk of having to take DWC in their junior/senior year and not having their overenroll request considered.
  • IF I JUST TRANSFERED TO PROVIDENCE COLLEGE, WHAT DWC AM I IN? Transfer policy:  first year transfers take 101, 102, 201. Sophomore transfers take 101 and 102.  Exceptions will be considered upon appeal to the director.
  • WHAT DOES FAILING DWC MEAN? Failing DWC in any semester means the student has to retake the course before they can move on to the next course in the sequence.
  • WHAT DOES AN INCOMPLETE MEAN IN DWC? Students should avoid an incomplete if at all possible, since each course in the sequence is a prerequisite for the next course.  A remaining incomplete at the beginning of the semester will result in a student being dropped from the next course in the sequence.